To be a successful organisation it's essential to not only know what has already happened but to be able to predict what will happen next. Predictive Analytics allow you to use Big Data and Machine Learning to peer into the future to improve your decision making and planning. Peak’s Predictive Analytics capabilities can help you answer questions such as:

  • Which customers should I target?

  • Which prospects are likely to buy?

  • Which investments will provide the most return?

  • Which employees should I hire?

Getting these types of decisions right are what gives an organisation competitive advantage. In the absence of analytic approaches, these calls are made based on instincts and experience. This often falls apart as a company grows in scale and complexity. Predictive Analytics allows you to systematically answer these sorts of questions on an industrial scale using data and the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.



Peak combines the data from all of your business systems with our own vast sources of data to build a single, secure, data source that can be used to train our Machine Learning algorithms. We work closely with key stakeholders to identify where our input can make a difference to your business. Then we apply our technology to build predictive models that take the characteristics of an individual as input and provides a predictive score as output.


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We use an iterative approach to build models that are both accurate and robust. We're able to combine a host of cutting edge technologies implemented by our teams of data scientists and engineers. All of our algorithms learn from experience in order to predict the future.

The algorithms we employ include deep neural architectures, gradient boosted models, SVMs, elastic net regularisation, Gaussian process models, or vanilla logistic regressions. We're active researchers in Machine Learning and use techniques at the cutting edge of the field as appropriate to your data and requirements. Models can be stacked and combined into ensembles to ensure synergies. We'll provide full validation and will monitor and retrain the models as situations evolve.


Predictions can be delivered in a variety of forms, including within our Business Intelligence platform or directly to your production systems via Peak’s scalable, extensible cloud-based API. Peak’s predictive analytics solutions will allow your company to outperform your competitors and thrive in the Data Economy!