With great tech you need great people


Our people have experience across the full data lifecycle - from Big Data - Cloud Engineering and Architecture, Data Enrichment through to Business Intelligence and Visualisation to Advanced Analytics, AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

We encourage our people to be active members of their professional communities and thought leaders in their respective disciplines. Our Web Engineers are all AWS accredited and our Data Scientists frequently contribute to forums and conferences.

Our people have experience working with a wide range of clients and environments, whether that's early stage startups or large FTSEs. This is crucial in the Data Economy at a time where businesses of all sizes are looking to use data to fuel their growth.


What makes a Peak Person?


Driven to make discoveries and make you better at what you do. 

Whether it’s customer growth, retention or getting better returns from your assets – we focus on results. 

We solve business problems through the use of appropriate technology and data.

We focus on what’s going to make your company better, short term and long term. 

In discovering, displaying data and problem solving, our people are given the freedom to find the best solutions for our clients

Each client is different and needs different solutions. We help make you ‘great’ at what you do.

We won’t baffle you with tech or jargon. We pride ourselves in clear and concise communication. 

Onsite with you - or from our offices. We tailor our solution to your needs.