The world is changing and the pace of technology change grows rapidly each day. However, the fundamentals of growing revenues never change - businesses increase their sales by selling more of their products and services to more customers, that they retain for longer, and by maximising income per customer.

Our customers use Peak to drive top-line revenue growth. Our platform is designed to give them a complete understanding of their customers using data, answering the question “who are my best customers?” Once this is established, our platform enables businesses to acquire more of their best customers for the optimal marketing spend. It drives retention and enables marketing and product teams to continuously improve their advertising, product and customer experience.

Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies, our platform continually improves. It also enables use cases such as predictive analytics and understanding buyer behaviour. 




Our customers are leveraging the power of Data Analytics and Machine Learning to increase their profits and margins.

Our platform is used to give customers highly accurate demand forecasts, even for the most complex of product catalogues and business networks. It identifies costs, risks and trends that remain invisible or hidden within your business.

Our advanced optimisation techniques reduce inventory holdings, improve decision making and lower transportation costs, while our bespoke alerting services leverage state of the art web scraping and natural language processing techniques to highlight risks within your supply chain, improve supplier selection and monitor your customers and competitors.

All of this capability is built upon the same machine learning and deep learning technologies we apply to grow revenues for our customers. It gives scale to your organisation by giving your people the insight they need to compete in the Data Economy.