“Peak has reduced our food waste by £1 million every month.”

Kirsty Needham, Customer Insight Director, Morrisons


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Who are you?

“Morrisons is one of the UK’s leading supermarkets. Like all supermarkets, we’re trying to minimise the amount of food that we have to throw out. Working with Peak, we’ve been able to cut £1 million a month of product waste through improved stock control.”


What was your challenge?

“In January 2014, we launched our online groceries business. The new, multichannel retail model presented us with new challenges, varying from operations to understanding customer behaviour.”

“Naturally, we knew we needed our online services to work as effectively and efficiently as possible, and we knew we’d be able to leverage our data to help with this. Timeliness and accuracy of information are critical, as is ensuring that our team members get the right level of insight to carry out their roles.”


What did Peak do?


“Working closely with us, Peak designed and managed the delivery of several bespoke analytics solutions, which focus on demand forecasting, marketing, customer insight, commerce, trading and company performance.

“The solutions give us easy insight into each of the focus areas, allowing us to make speedy, insight-driven decisions on a day-to-day basis.

“To understand the challenges facing Morrisons,  Peak worked closely with our senior business stakeholders. This resulted in their delivering a business intelligence platform that closely addresses our needs and helps us to maximise performance.”


Solutions used:

What’s the upshot?

Peak Platform

“Peak quickly understood our business and what we were looking to achieve. They engaged us at a business level and were able to translate this into a technical solution which helped us deliver our operational goals. The Peak team have designed an analytics system that has enabled a truly different operating model for our business. We are now able to take insight and data-driven decisions in a timely and speedy way."

“Our data set is large and complex, yet Peak was able to make sense of this and enable us to gain insight and clarity into business performance using their apps. We have a much stronger view of our customer and operational performance since the implementation of our new system. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the services of Peak for any online retailer or business looking to achieve the same as Morrisons.”


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