Cambridge CMOS Sensors (CCS) global fabless semiconductor company and are at the forefront of the gas sensor market, offering ultra-low power consumption products with a fast response time to leading smartphone, tablets and wearables manufacturers around the world. Following private equity funding, the company have expanded rapidly in recent years and now have a presence in the U.K., China, Taiwan, The Republic of Korea, Japan and USA. 



Peak was challenged to create a joined-up view of their demand and supply chain, as well as their financials, in order to effectively manage themselves through this period of high growth and increased engineering, sales and manufacturing activity.

Peak worked closely with CCS to the design and build the visually simple, yet tremendously powerful, Peak business intelligence (BI) application.

Using the new app the CCS team were able to streamline their management, forecasting and demand review processes. Using the app as a single, reliable source of data and analytics, visibility increased, management felt more in control and processes became more efficient.

The most important factor in ensuring the successful implementation of a new BI system is understanding the business challenge. Peak worked closely with stakeholders across the CCS business to gain a clear understanding of their business strategy and challenge. This allowed us to design a BI platform that would enable the business teams to maximise their performance, using technology as a business enabler.



"Peak have delivered a BI system that exceeded our expectations. Their ability to apply technology to a business challenge has given us capabilities that we did not previously have. We are now able to use our data effectively, to run our business processes more efficiently and to perform at a higher level.

"The end solution manages to simplify the management view of a complex, global business into an intuitive and easy to use BI app. Peak's skill in the presentation and visualisation of data is fantastic."

Nat Edington, CEO @ CCS