Customer Behaviour



Whether your business is reliant on customer spend or customer retention, understanding the behaviour of your customers as they utilise your service is key to keeping them engaged. For a long time, insight into customer behaviour has been gained almost solely through a combination of observation and intuition, with surveys used on occasion to address specific questions. This has changed rapidly in the modern era, with Big Data and High-Performance Computing combining to give an unprecedented level of insight into customer behaviour.  


Large restaurant chains like McDonald's have already moved to franchise level analytics [1], while eye-tracking technology has been applied to understand customer behaviour for a range of different factors, from store layout to product design [2]. Through the insight derived from customer behavioural data, businesses have been able to optimise app designs, store layouts, and every other aspect of the user experience.


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Here at Peak, we combine the customer data from all of your business systems into one secure source.  As the pioneers of Data Analytics-as-a-Service, we also work with the various departments of your organisation to help understand what extra data will help discover the insights that will give your business the competitive advantage.

Behavioural analysis is a complicated field, so Peak applies a variety of state of the art Machine Learning and Modelling Techniques, depending on the behavioural data available. These models allow us to:

  • Cluster your customer base into unique personas of different behaviour, with different marketable traits.

  • Consider the influence of interactions (both individually and sequentially) on your business’s key performance indicators.

  • Predict the future behaviour of a customer based on a combination of previous behaviour and demographic information.

  • Determine what behaviours are most desirable from a business insight perspective, and develop strategies to get customers onto the right track.



Peak delivers these insights through our platform, allowing you easy access to aggregates of your customer’s behaviour, both historic and in real-time. As part of our ‘Data Analytics-as-a-Service’ philosophy, we monitor changes in the behaviour of your customer base over time and in response to particular events.  Through our platform, we deliver regular reports summarising the insight that matters and we apply our business analytics expertise to deliver recommendations that will allow you to influence customer behaviour for your competitive advantage.

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[2] ‘Attention Research in Marketing: A Review of Eye Tracking Studies’, Michel Wedel, SSRN (2013)