Peak helps businesses to grow by optimising customer acquisition. Acquiring a new customer can be very expensive - up to 5 times more costly than retaining an existing one. In today’s hyper-competitive markets, it's essential to optimise customer acquisition campaigns by targeting the prospects that are most likely to buy your product. By targeting the best customers companies can grow faster, and just as importantly, maximise their marketing spend.


Understanding your customers is the first step in optimising customer acquisition. Analysing historical data, the behaviour of customers, their purchase history, preferences and even social media activity are crucial to this. Once this is done, the next step is the to implement a data-driven customer acquisition strategy.




Peak’s platform unifies all the relevant data streams to create profiles of your ideal customers. This is achieved by using Machine Learning algorithms such as clustering and classification techniques to optimise your lead generation and increase the quality of sales leads.  Using logistic regression methods, we can attach conversion probability to each sales lead which enables you to deliver a targeted marketing strategy. Over time, analysing time series data gives a complete understanding of changes in customers behaviour.


Peak allows companies to turn their raw data into real-time business insight and actions. We also provide customer DNA metrics that are calculated for every customer, customised KPIs for lead conversion and acquisition prediction. Peak’s algorithms optimise the cost of customer acquisition (CPA) and our customer’s acquisition strategy so they can acquire new customers and convert sales leads like never before.

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